Tim Lincecum's mustache is gone

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"The caterpillar died," Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow said Sunday afternoon, referring to the hairs on the upper lip of right-hander Tim Lincecum. His mustache, though a surprise when it appeared, was full of promise this spring when Lincecum came to camp. It was a new look for Timmy who, in his 30th year on the planet, was trying to bounce back to dominance after two disappointing seasons (the no-hitter in 2013 aside).

Lincecum continues to receive mixed results in 2014, posting a 4.74 ERA in nine starts so far with more hits allowed than innings pitched, but apparently he's grown sick of the 'stache regardless. It wasn't there anymore as the Giants faced the Miami Marlins at AT&T Park and Lincecum sat watching in the home dugout.

Here's an up-close view of Lincecum's face with a 'stache:

At this range, it sort of looks like the hairs escaped out of his nostrils and then died on the beachhead of his lip.

Oh, well. When caterpillars "expire," they usually transform into beautiful butterflies, science tells us, so perhaps it's a good omen for Lincecum that he's about to sprout colorful wings and a much lower ERA.

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