Tim Lincecum cuts hair, becomes baseball’s version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

As any Giants fan will tell you, Tim Lincecum needs some re-invention heading into 2013.

After a 2012 season that was "shaky" at best, Lincecum emerged Friday at the San Francisco Giants' media day looking like a new man.

Specifically: Looking like actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Gone are the messy, mangy locks, in favor of something more slick and, dare we say, nerdy. Maybe it's the glasses. We aren't judging.

Whatever the case, Lincecum's career could actually use a jolt of Joseph Gordon-Levitt -- who you might know from the time-traveling hit thriller "Looper."

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We're pretty sure Timmy would kill to go back in time to his 2008-2009 Cy Young years.

Speaking of going three years in reverse: Fellow Giants pitcher Ryan Vogelsong said of Lincecum's new 'do: "He looks good. He looks 12 now instead of 15." That's from Alex Pavlovic of the San Jose Mercury News.

Lincecum is a free-agent after this season, in which he'll make enough money for many, many haircuts, $22.5 million. There's been discussion about where Lincecum lands amongst the Giants' pitchers. Rotation? Bullpen? For that much money, you can bet he'll be starting.

Giants fans just need to hope that Lincecum can pull off the reverse-Samson and find new power with less hair.

Pitchers and catchers report any moment.

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