Tim Hudson OK with Yasiel Puig's bat flip and trot after he crushes homer

David Brown

The funniest detail in Major League Baseball might be pitchers who get visibly angry at opposing hitters who take them over the fence for a home run. If a batter reacts in a certain way — he flips his bat, or trots around the bases slowly, or expresses satisfaction in any way — a pitcher might return any such gestures with stares and, sometimes, shouts. It happened Friday with Madison Bumgarner of the Giants after Yasiel Puig of the Dodgers hit a home run to center.

It did not happen, however, after Puig obliterated a pitch from Tim Hudson for another homer Sunday. Granted, Puig's reaction wasn't as exaggerated, but in an age where some pitchers seem to seek out insulting behavior for whatever reason, Hudson did not play that game:

That's the reaction a pitcher should have after giving up a home run, not, "You there! Stop enjoying your success in a way that I find inappropriate!" Worry more about getting the next out, and getting Puig out the next time, than the style points the batter was going for after he beat your behind. You're getting angry at the wrong guy, you sensitive left-hander.

Of course in Hudson's case, it helps having about 65 years of major league experience; there's nothing Hudson hasn't seen since he was a rookie with the A's in 1999.

Another piece of advice — for Puig and Carlos Gomez of the Brewers (this kind of stuff often happens with them): When a pitcher screams at you for no good reason, try not to react at all. It will make them even madder.

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