Tigers Mobile hits streets of downtown Detroit

DETROIT — Make way for the car that only a true Tigers fan could love. I spotted this beauty earlier on Sunday afternoon while walking to Comerica Park and it was really a sight to behold. Giant inflatable tiger. Miguel Cabrera Triple Crown award. A history lesson on one of baseball's oldest franchises printed on the side doors.

While it might seem awkward for this fan to be driving this Tigers Mobile home on Sunday night after possibly being swept in the World Series, the vehicle also serves a promotional purpose. Dayn Perry of Eye on Baseball caught up with the driver when the limo came to a stop and found that it belongs to Entertainment Express, a limo and luxury coach service here in the area. Another friend pointed out that the ride has previously been done up for the Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup playoff season and was even issued a ticket when it drove to Pittsburgh.

To my knowledge, the car did not make a similar trip to San Francisco, though it would have been great to see it try and navigate the city's iconic (and super curvy) Lombard Street.

There's always a possible Game 6, though.


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