Tigers fan wins tug-of-war with Indians fan for Torii Hunter home run

David Brown


Torii Hunter hit an otherwise unremarkable home run Sunday, one that extended a lead for the Detroit Tigers in a 5-1 victory against the Cleveland Indians. It was the struggle for the souvenir that was most notable about Hunter's two-run blast in the bottom of the fourth.

A fan wearing a Tigers jersey successfully wrestled the ball away from a fan in an Indians jersey after the two men in the first row locked hands in an effort to catch the ball. The Indians fan had a size advantage and, you'd think, a leverage advantage, but he could only get one hand on the ball.

The Tigers fan seemed to catch not only the ball, but the other fan's other hand. The Indians fan failed to unlock the Tiger's fan's hands — which also might have ripped the ball away and sent it flying to where no one could get it. Kind of like that dog with the bone who saw his reflection in a river and then lost both because he got greedy. Only now there's two dogs. And a ball instead.

The moment also seemed an apt metaphor for the struggle for the brass ring in a post-industrial society among people from rust-belt cities. OK, no it didn't. But it was still fun for a brief moment.

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