Tigers' opening day broadcast features awkward interview with 'divorced couple'

Kevin Kaduk
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Divorced Couple Tigers


Meet "Tito" and "Alexandria." 

This chummy couple was on hand for Monday's home opener at Comerica Park when Fox Sports Detroit reporter Shannon Hogan caught up with them near the statues in center field. 

The interview is quick and it starts on a promising note. Tito tells Hogan that the couple attends every Detroit Tigers' opener and that they, in fact, met near those same statues. 

Sensing a good story, Hogan allows Tito to elaborate and, boy, does he ever. Despite the affection they're showing for each other, Tito says he and Alexandria are now divorced but attend every opening day together anyway: 

On first viewing it seems pretty clear they're lying. No one in the frame can keep a straight face and Hogan ends the interview like her name was Erin Andrews and she was speaking with Richard Sherman. 

Plus, "Tito" and "Alexandria?" I'd bet anyone a Coney Dog those aren't their real names. 

Hogan later confirmed there was a good reason for suspicion. 

You might have wanted to hear where the story goes from there, but kudos to Hogan and her crew for sniffing that one out so quickly.

The last thing we needed was to get into was a seven-year sequel to "How I Met Your Mother." 

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