Tickets from rained out Cactus League games can be exchanged for $5 seats at USA-Mexico

It’s not too late. If you’re one of the several thousand people who had tickets to Cactus League games that were rained out on Friday, you can still exchange them for $5 seats at tonight's USA-Mexico game at Chase Field that's scheduled for a 7 p.m. first pitch locally.

Here's the official announcement courtesy of

Fans whose Spring Training plans might be foiled by inclement weather on Friday won't be out of luck.

With the forecast in Arizona looking ominous, those holding a ticket to one of Friday's Cactus League games will have the opportunity to purchase a $5 ticket to a World Baseball Classic contest instead. To take advantage of the offer, bring tickets for rained-out games to the box office at Phoenix's Chase Field.

The ticket exchange was also available for Friday afternoon's game between Italy and Canada, which Italy won 14-4 in 8 innings.

This is a nice little deal at all for those who were likely very frustrated and disappointed by the rains and thunderstorms that wiped out six Cactus League games on Friday afternoon. As of last check, all three scheduled night games in Arizona were going on as planned, so it appears things have cleared up now. But for all those with an unused ticket in hand, there's still a chance to catch some baseball. And with stars like Giancarlo Stanton, R.A. Dickey and Adrian Gonzalez on display, you'll actually come out ahead.

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