Thurman Munson's pilot license can be yours for $16,500

Learning that someone was looking to sell Thurman Munson's pilot license was unfortunate.

As was finding out about the morbid sale from a site named Steady Burn.

But those with long memories might have been able to tell this wasn't a sick April Fool's Day prank. Darren Rovell covered this story back in 2005, when Munson's wife placed many of her late husband's items up for auction to raise money for her grandchildren.

Among the possessions was the license that expired only days before Munson died in a plane crash on Aug. 2, 1979. It was purchased by a Munson fan for $6,900 who said he didn't find it offensive and that "it's part of Thurman; that's what he loved to do."

The item above isn't that expired license. Rather it appears to be the student's license that the Yankees catcher was granted when he was learning to fly in 1978. I'm not sure why anyone would hang that on their wall — let alone buy it for $16,500 — but the world is a weird place.