To those of you who sport permanent MLB tattoos: Help!

After reading Newsday's article about tattooed New York sports fans (via Puck Daddy), an idea for a great post was planted in the back of my diamond-dedicated mind. So as I watched this afternoon's slate of games, I finally worked a little bit on my goal: Building a full MLB standings table using only baseball logos tattooed onto super-fanatical (or at least, impulsive) human skin.

Unfortunately, all 30 marriages between flesh and ink in celebration of baseball devotion are not available on the Internets. In fact, I found only 15 different teams (which includes, no lie, Michael Beasley's Curly W), so if I'm going to build an ultra-representative MLB tattoo post, I'll need your help.

Yes, regardless of whether or not you're embarrassed by it now, I want to see your Rays, Marlins, Angels, Mariners, Giants, Padres, Twins, Reds, Royals, Rangers, Rockies, Pirates, Orioles, Brewers or Blue Jays tattoo. (If you have all of the above on your back, then definitely contact me.)

Email all pictures to I would guess that baseball logos probably aren't as prevalent as NFL, NHL or college tats, but I have to think there's at least a few for each every team, including the Marlins. (Surely someone must have been a bit giddy in '97 and '03, right?)

Also, since I lived for more than three years, I'll be shocked if I don't see one Royals tattoo hit my inbox.

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