Get those red pens ready: Royals television graphic contains abundance of glaring errors

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Face it: Inaccuracies, errors and typos are a product of this high-speed information world we currently inhabit. You may have even seen a few right here on Big League Stew from time to time.

But this mistake-riddle graphic that popped up during the Kansas City Royals' broadcast on Thursday night is really the Mark Reynolds-at-third base of television graphics. Just when you think it can't get any worse ... it somehow does. Before you dive into our list of all the errors we spotted, see how many you can find on your own.

• That Bryce Hunter of the Detroit Tigers sure has similar numbers to the Bryce Harper that plays for the Washington Nationals, doesn't he? Even looks exactly like him, come to think of it. Wonder if he's available on my league's waiver wire?

• Well, it's nice to see Matt Jones has found another career since bouncing his way out of the NFL. Oh, that's not the former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver, you say? It's actually a picture of Matt Harvey, who pitches for the New York Mets and not the Baltimore Orioles? Welp.

• I'm sure the Chicago White Sox would love to have Manny Machado. He'd come a lot cheaper than Jeff Keppinger, at least. (It really is a wonder, though, that they nailed Machado's name while bungling the much-simpler Harper and Harvey.)

• Oh c'mon. Mike Trout is at least at few years from signing with the New York Yankees.

And, as Larry Brown Sports points out, the entire premise begins with a question that ends with a preposition. But that appears to be the least of this graphic's worries.

How'd this happen? It's hard to say. The inaccurate logos could be written off as template problems, but totally wrong names like Bryce Hunter and Matt Jones? Looks like the Royals might want to call another graphics guy into the truck.

h/t: Last Angry Fan

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