These umpires and their over-the-top calls will brighten your day (Video)

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In the world of Major League Baseball, umpires are pretty vanilla. They mess up from time to time and people get mad at them, but when it comes to showing personality, most of the time they're as bland as a Derek Jeter postgame interview.

Amateur baseball, however, is where umps can really put on a show. As an example, we'll point you to the supercut video above featuring the "Most Outrageous Umpires in Baseball History." If that sounds like something you'd see on reality TV, that's with good reason.

These umps are definitely of the YouTube/reality TV era. They know they can achieve viral fame while calling balls and strikes at Little League and high-school games. It's as easy, really, as thinking you're Michael Jackson:

Some of these outrageous umps you've probably seen before. The "Whoomp, There It Is" guy has been featured on The Stew. And the 2 Chaiiiiiiiiinz umpire has made the Internet rounds recently.

All these wild umps edited together, though, in one hilarious video, is a great way to spend two minutes of your Internet life.

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