Theoretical: Which President should the Nats add?

On Tuesday, the political blog Extreme Mortman took the liberty of imagining what a new addition to the Nationals' Presidents Race might look like.

The resulting Photoshop is posted here to the right and, if you will, please take a moment to take a guess at which President is pictured winning.

George W. Bush, right?

Nope. Mort says that's Barack Obama and I guess we're supposed to infer that from his big ears.

Still looks like Dubya to me, though.

It brings up a good question, though. A few years ago, the Brewers added Chorizo to the Sausage Race (a costumed footrace, it should be noted, that begat the Nats' President Race and other imitators). As I write this, a sombreroed sausage bobblehead looks on from the corner of my desk. There's no question that the arrival of Chorizo has been a success and the Nats should look toward inviting a new contestant.

So which President should Washington add to the quartet of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, who has yet to win just one race?

Personally, I find it hard to believe anything would beat a running Tricky Dick Nixon.

But if we're going 19th-century, I'd choose Millard Fillmore, just because he's my go-to obscure POTUS and it's hard to find any lasting tribute to the Know Nothing president. (This great YouTube parody entitled, "Hey There Millard Fillmore" excluded).

Who would you select for the bipedal baseball version of Mount Rushmore?

A big BLS head nod goes to Let Teddy Win for the tip.

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