The Internet made it so: 50 Cent's bad first pitch hit by Vladimir Guerrero

The Internet, as you surely know by now, can make all of our wildest dreams come true. If you ever doubted that, then take a gander at this beaut:

Yep, that's swing-at-anything former star Vlad Guerrero added into the footage of 50 Cent's horrible first pitch from last week's Mets game. Of course, Guerrero golfs 50's misfire into the outfield for a base hit. He was known for swinging at balls way out of the strike zone and turning them into hits, so why not 50 Cent's? 

Thank you, Internet wizards at MLB Fan Cave for mashing that up for our delight. (It's our second favorite 50 Cent mashup, for the record). But we needed Vlad meets 50, we just didn't know we needed it.

And that's the best kind of gift someone can give you.

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