The beer-guzzling legend of Wade Boggs keeps growing

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The legend of Wade Boggs continues to grow — and we're not talking about his skills with a baseball bat.

Boggs, the Hall of Famer who collected 3,010 hits in his day, is also famous for his beer-guzzling ways. A couple weeks ago, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" used Boggs' most famous beer story as a plot point. Boggs had supposedly drunk 64 beers on a cross-country flight when he was playing for the Boston Red Sox.

But "It's Always Sunny" actor Charlie Day claimed in a "Tonight Show" interview, that Boggs told him an even bigger number — that he actually downed 107 beers in a day once. It seems extreme and Boggs still hasn't admitted to that, so we're still not sure. But there's another story about Boggs' beer-drinking prowess making the rounds now that at least adds credence to the idea.

For that, we turn to David Laurila's Sunday notes column at Fangraphs. He talked to ex-big league pitcher Brian Rose, who shared the following story about playing for the Tampa Bay Rays in 2001 when Boggs was the hitting coach there:

Rose soon learned that Boggs could put away cold ones like nobody else.

“I was sitting next to him on a plane and a flight attendant came by and gave him a case of beer,” said Rose. “He slid it under the seat and I was like, ‘What’s up with that? We only have an hour flight.’ He said, ‘That’s mine.’

“The whole flight, we were just shooting the [expletive], and he went one beer after the other. I said to him, ‘I’m impressed with the way you hit, but I’m more impressed right now.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, beer doesn’t affect me. I don’t get drunk unless I’ve had at least a case and a half.’ I don’t think he even went to the bathroom.”

Well then!

If you've ever seen Wade Boggs with a case of beer on an plane, feel free to contact me at the address below, because I would love to hear your story ... and hear the empty-can count.

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