Texas Rangers sell stadium name rights to Globe Life Insurance, which makes sense

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Say farewell to the Rangers Ballpark, or just "The Ballpark" as some fans still call it. The Texas Rangers announced Wednesday a 10-year agreement that will re-name their stadium to Globe Life Park in Arlington.

The name comes from Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company, which is based in McKinney, Tx., and has been in business since 1951. Globe Life said the deal is a "natural fit" and the Rangers called the insurance company a "perfect partner."

As expected, some fans are upset about the name. Others will refuse to utter it. Fine. That's the usual reaction to name-changes. But grabbing corporate dollars helps the team pay a free agent like Shin-Soo Choo $130 million over seven years.

Ballparks with corporate sponsors can make for strange bedfellows — O.Co Coliseum, anybody? — but the Rangers and Globe Life do actually seem like a good fit. Mainly because the Rangers need some insurance.

Just look at the recent injuries: Starting pitcher Derek Holland will miss a good chunk of the season after falling at his house. Another pitcher, Joseph Ortiz, was hit by a motorcycle while walking down the street. Oof.

Let's also not forget Choo's magnet-like ability to get hit by pitches. Is that a pre-existing condition? New first baseman Prince Fielder, acquired in an offseason trade, comes with to town with baggage and rebound potential. Maybe Globe Life can have a claim ready if Prince continues to have more of the first than the second.

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