Terrible tarp monster consumes member of Reds grounds crew

Like with Jonah in the days of old, a giant creature swallowed Reds groundskeeper Robyn Habisch — and she emerged from the sea with quite a tale to tell.

As the Reds' crew rushed to cover Great American Ballpark's infield during a rainstorm Tuesday night, Habisch slipped, her legs became entangled and she fell — all while keeping a grip on the polyethylene beast.

She eventually let go, but her cohorts kept marching as instructed. Soon, they had covered the field — and Habisch along with it!

"They're not going to stop," Habisch would later say.

They're... not?

What in the name of Vince Coleman was happening in the Queen City?

The attentive crowd saw the beast attack and when Habisch emerged from the abyss, apparently OK, the folks gave a cheer.

"I feel like an idiot, but I'm fine," Habisch said.

MLB.com has VIDEO, plus an on-the-spot interview with Habisch, who also had to endure more mockery by Reds star Brandon Phillips(notes).

What did Habisch learn from the experience? Find out, plus we review the incident frame by screen-captured frame, after the jump.

Habisch surely had heard the story of the tarp that attacked Coleman, breaking a leg of the St. Louis speedster during the 1985 playoffs. Vince couldn't escape. But they said it could never happen again...

Looks like a routine tarp run to start, no?

Uh oh.


"It's pretty slippery and I slipped," Habisch said. "I just couldn't keep up with the fellas — they're a lot taller than I am."

She's a fighter! Shouldn't they stop?


"Then I saw Doug [Gallant] the head groundskeeper and he said, 'Let go!' He had told us that before. 'If you trip and fall, let go and crawl to the edge.' I had forgotten."

Understandable. When you're trying to keep your head and self from going under a piece of plastic that can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds (before the rain starts falling), it's probably counterintuitive to 'let go,' even if that's what you should do. So, if you ever find yourself being chased by a giant tarpaulin, just let it catch up and crush you.

That's what Habisch did.

Is that a leg, and is it attached to the rest of her? And why isn't this guy helping?

Her knees are skinned with gravel and mud, but...

She's OK, folks. She's OK! Robyn Habisch, ladies and gentlemen!

"I heard cheers. It happened pretty fast. It wasn't too bad. I thought it would be."

Before you go, Phillips has to give you some static about your swimming abilities.

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