Ten things Manny heard from the Wrigley bleachers (probably)

Back at Wrigley Field for his first time since 2005, Manny Ramirez wasted no time in riling up the Cubs' faithful. He went 2-for-4, drew a walk that loaded the bases for James Loney's grand slam and then chopped a low and outside pitch from Sean Marshall into a monster home run.

But no matter what kind of performance Manny might have turned in, he was destined to get a lot of guff from the citizens of the left field bleachers (though unfortunately some of it crossed the line as one world-class moron attempted to throw a ball at Manny and was promptly arrested by the Chicago Police.)

So, without further delay and on a much more fun note, follow the jump for the Top 10 Things Manny Ramirez (Probably) Heard From Wrigley's Left Field Bleachers:

10. Did a "No. 99" order a large supreme deep dish, extra 'shrooms?

9. You can have as many tickets as you want, just stop hurting my elderly father!

8. Hey Man-Ram! Any advice for breaking a curse? C'mon! Spill it!

7. He high-fived me! Oh, no! I've got Manny Cooties!

6. Did we all just throw garbage on the field again? Oh, that's just Manny's defense.

5. Psst! Mr. Left Fielder. You get high?

4. Hey, Ramirez, your orders came through; you're going to Fallujah!

3. Look, this seemed like a fun idea in B.P. but I've got a ballgame to watch — take you own [profane] calls!

2. Yeah, I'd stay away from the wall if I was you; poison ivy kills!

1. Hey. Hey! This ain't no outhouse! Hey!!!

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