Ten things the Brewers left at Miller Park for the Astros

Missing something? As gracious hosts to the Houston Astros in a trying time of hurricane madness, the Milwaukee Brewers were kind enough to leave some helpful things for the "home team", who might have been a little rushed to get to their temporary Miller Park home. Here's what was found:

10. Exhaustive leaflet detailing Milwaukee nightlife — with, "For a good time, call (M)andy" and number with 414 area code scribbled on back

9. Google map 'n' directions to Uecker's house ("Key is under the mat in the back. pls, don't use the pool")

8. 30 pair of burnt orange lederhosen (BP only)

7. 30 pair of burnt orange lederhosen (gamers)

6. Most of the frozen meat in Prince's locker

5. Most of the 100 pounds of brie from Bobby Nelson in Kenosha (to go with Drayton McLane's whine)

4. Enormous pair of baseball pants for the Astros' "CC-like guy"

3. Hats for bats

2. Betting slips from what looks like 18 seasons of Sausage Races, for crying out loud

1. Gatorade jug-full of expired "Uncle Ned's Olde-Fashioned Anti-No-Hitter Cider (from concentrate)"

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