Ten reasons the MLB Fan Cave is opening its doors for the World Baseball Classic

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Major League Baseball announced on Monday that it will be throwing opening the doors to its popular MLB Fan Cave for next spring's World Baseball Classic. Sixteen fans — one from each country represented in the tournament — will assemble in New York next March with each one earning a ticket home when his or her team is eliminated.

A few Stewies have already been involved in the fun Fan Cave experiment so we'd recommend applying if you're interested. Here's the online application. While you wait for a response, check out the 10 reasons we think the MLB Fan Cave is embarking on this plan.

Ten reasons the MLB Fan Cave is opening its doors for the WBC

10. Tension created by Korean chants and noisemakers in close quarters makes for great TV.

9. Australia's bid increases chance that Paul Hogan makes hilarious return to Manhattan.

8. Satisfies the seven people who have long clamored for a baseball/model U.N. mashup.

7. It's the league's best chance to oust Tommy Lasorda as Italy's official mascot.

6. Sixteen fewer people will now have to hunt to find the games on MLB Network.

5. The intermingling of different languages in the MLB Fan Cave —  from Spanish to Japanese to Berra — will be a beautiful thing.

4. They can insist that the Netherlands fan dress like this.

3. A-Rod has time to represent the United States in the cave. Or maybe the Dominican Republic. Or maybe a different country altogether. Depends on how he feels next March.

2. U.S. fan can also pull double duty on the national team's pitching staff.

1. How else would the MLB Fan Cave staff get to hang with a Brazilian supermodel?

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