Ten amazing details about Yankees-Red Sox on Sunday night

David Brown
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1. The Yankees actually defended A-Rod

Thought to be a certain pariah after "60 Minutes" reported that someone from his own camp gave up the name of Ryan Braun, teammate Francisco Cervelli and others in the Biogenesis investigation, the New York Yankees did not act as though they disliked Rodriguez on Sunday night. They stormed the field after Red Sox right-hander Ryan Dempster hit him with a pitch in the second inning. Brett Gardner and manager Joe Girardi were particularly rambunctious.

2. Joe Girardi almost clocked umpire Brian O'Nora:

Girardi, upset about when O'Nora decided to warn both dugouts and that Dempster wasn't ejected on the spot, went into a tirade that forever will endear him to Yankees fans. He railed at Dempster for ... lacking courage and he pantomimed a punch under O'Nora's chin while expressing his displeasure. It didn't look like much from one angle, but from another, it was kind of scary:

3. Girardi referenced the movie "My Cousin Vinny" during his postgame press conference (about 2:15)

"You don't take the law into your own hands. ... We're going to skip the judicial system? It's 'My Cousin Vinny.' "

4. Someone asked A-Rod if he expected Dempster to be disciplined for hitting him on purpose

He also said:

A-Rod also referred to arbitrator Fredric Horowitz, the person who will decide his suspension case, as "Fred." Enjoy the veal, he's here all week.

5. A-Rod also put Dempster's actions into perspective. A-Rod did this.

''Whether you like me or hate me, what's wrong is wrong,'' he said of being hit. ''That was unprofessional and silly.''

6. A-Rod did an impersonation of David Ortiz as he crossed home plate on his home run in the sixth inning

7. Brian Cashman called A-Rod a liar before the game

The Yankees GM said Rodriguez "lied" to him and that he wasn't comfortable talking to Rodriguez anymore because of the "litigious environment" between team and the slugger. Usually, a revelation like this would dominate the storyline. Not in this case.

8. This guy with the "A-Rod = A-Looser" sign

Oy. Yeah, "loser" might seem like it has two O's in it when sounded out, but there's only one. Like Jay Bruce of the Reds said on Twitter, just who is A-Rod "looser" than? Other issues with the sign:

• The "T.O." Is that supposed to be a "To," like in a letter? Is it a personal message — maybe the initials of the sign's creator? Does Terrell Owens somehow enter in?

• The face drawn into the O's in "Looser." He just had to draw in eyes, bringing more attention to the misspelled word.

• What's with the blue and red alternating colors?

9. A-Rod is batting .319 with two homers and six RBIs in 12 games since recovering from hip surgery and a sore quad

10. Denzel Washington was at Fenway:

Malcolm Little himself!

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