Tempers flare in Taiwan: Manager chest-bumps umpire then ump grabs manager by the throat

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Apparently this is what happens when Manny Ramirez is not around to add a jovial touch to the EDA Rhinos. Manny's former team from the Chinese Professional Baseball League in Taiwan brings us our second example today of baseball turning into pro wrestling.

It started with a balk call that EDA Rhinos manager Huang Chung-Long didn't agree with. He came out to argue with the umpire, as baseball managers are required to do from time to time just to keep things interesting. The two talked with a translator in the mix. The umpire, after warning Chung-Long to leave, eventually just turned his back on the whole situation. A few seconds later Chung-Long was ejected and that's when things got fun.

Chung-Long chest-bumped the umpire. No back-turning this time. The ump then grabbed the manager by the throat, like he was going to chokeslam him. The catcher broke the two up and hysteria spilled onto the field in the ensuing minutes. Nothing else crazy happened, though. Nobody got hit with a steel chair. Nobody did an elbow-drop off the third-base dugout. Sadly.

Didn't part of you almost want to see a chokeslam happen? Just to hear the announcers call it? Remember those crazy calls that followed Manny's home runs? If an umpire chokeslammed a manager, I bet it would make an excited, high-pitched Jerry "The King" Lawler call sound like a Yanni song.

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