‘Carl’ Ripken Jr. joins TBS wild card broadcast

David Brown
Big League Stew

Carl Ripken Jr.? Of course his name is really Cal Ripken Jr. A Baltimore Orioles legend. Enshrined in Cooperstown at the Hall of Fame. Maybe you heard of him. The only possible explanation is that the graphics person for TBS was eating lunch — specifically a Carl's Jr. hamburger — as (s)he typed up ol' Cal's name. Or maybe TBS has the on-air talent type their own names into the computer and Cal got nervous. That could be it. The Texas Rangers-Orioles wild card spectacular was Ripken's first playoff game in a TV booth. Usually he's back at the TBS studios in Ted Turner's back yard, tending to Dennis Eckersley's hair. Perhaps that will the next assignment for the TBS graphics person.

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