Tattoo injury! Elvis Andrus taken out of Texas Rangers lineup over ‘sensitivity’ to inking

David Brown
Big League Stew

You know those books and blog posts that come out every so often and they're about strange sports injuries? Yeah, well, this one's definitely getting a chapter.

Elvis Andrus was taken out of the Texas Rangers lineup on Thursday because of a tattoo injury. No, it's not one of them Mike Tyson/"The Hangover" Guy/tribal face deals as we originally photoshopped here.

The tattoo is actually of Emilio Andrus, his father, who died when Elvis was a young boy. The design was so elaborate that it caused Andrus to miss a day of spring training due to "sensitivity in his left biceps, as reporter Gerry Fraley tweeted.

It's interesting that Andrus had the words "In Loving Memory — Dad" inked in English, given that he is from Venezuela where Spanish is spoken first. But it's a totally cool honor. No wonder his arm needed a day off. That took a lot of work.

Of course, it's a good thing Andrus picked February to get this new tat and not in the middle of the pennant race. The Rangers probably would have liked it even more if he had gotten inked in January. But one day off isn't going to displace Andrus at shortstop and make way for phenom Jurickson Profar, though it'd certainly be an all-timer if it did.

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