Tarp-nami in Tennessee: Violent storm halts minor league game, sends grounds crew running (Video)

Last weekend we brought you wild video of a tarp-gone-wild in Joliet, Ill., that literally swallowed up the Silver Cross Field grounds crew as well as the assisting members of the Joliet Slammers front office. Well, if you can believe it, there was actually a scarier scene at Smokies Park in Kodak, Tenn., on Thursday night as a violent storm with heavy rain and dangerous wind gusts ripped through the area.

Much like their counterparts in Illinois, the Smokies Park grounds crew used sandbags and parked a six-wheeled vehicle around home plate as a means to keep their diamond protected. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do once the strong winds got under the tarp and sent rolling waves across the infield.

Well, except run for their lives, as you'll see at the 41-second mark in the video. But the real craziness begins at the 18-second mark, and it only gets scarier throughout the final 80 seconds. Have a look:

You really have to admire the dedication and courage of those grounds crew members. At no point throughout the storm (which obviously lasted much longer than this video) were they out of danger (especially when the tarp started whipping around and eventually ripped apart), and it's a miracle not a single one of them suffered even a minor injury as a result of their effort.

And that's the absolute best news and best part of this story — no injuries. The next best part is knowing they'll all be right back at the park on Friday putting in extra work to get the field ready for the makeup doubleheader between the Smokies and Jacksonville Suns.

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