It takes three: Tim Lincecum loses track of outs, walks halfway to dugout

Tim Lincecum's rough season took a slightly embarrassing, but refreshingly humorous turn on Friday night in Philadelphia.

The awkward moments we're referencing happened during the third inning of the Giants 7-2 win over the Phillies, when Philadelphia's own starting pitcher, Vance Worley, hit a one-hop comebacker that forced Linecum to recover quickly and reach across his body to glove it, which he did very smoothly. He then collected himself enough to record the out at first and began a slow saunter to the dugout.

Honestly, everything about the play was impressive and cool in a very Tim Lincecum kind of way. Well, at least up until that very final detail I should say.

As Lincecum approached the third base line on his trek back to the dugout, three things dawned on him. First, the unforgiving fans in Philadelphia were laughing at something or someone. The next thing, he was alone in his journey. And then he arrived at the third and final realization, there were only two outs.

Watch Tim Lincecum's embarrassing moment:

I'm sure there are more than a few Giants fans (and baseball fans in general) who have been wondering where Lincecum's head has been all season, and had this mental mishap occurred somewhere in the middle of his awful first half, the reaction to it likely takes on a completely different tone. But aside from this minor hiccup, his performance on Friday was nothing but a positive for the Giants.

Not only did Lincecum quickly refocus to retire Jimmy Rollins, officially ending the third inning, he would then go on to complete seven very quality innings, allowing only two runs on five hits while striking out six. That performance was good enough to secure his fourth victory of the season.

On the heels of a dominant 11 strikeout effort against the Houston Astros last weekend, Lincecum's performance on Friday should also be good enough to give Giants fans hope that they're finally getting their ace back. And if that proves to be true, that would be a much bigger deal to them than any trade we'll see go down for the next two weeks.

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