Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito might have worn a Phillies jersey under judge’s robes

David Brown

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito threw out a ceremonial first pitch at the Texas Rangers game Wednesday — it was outside, but at least he made it without a bounce — and he also answered a few baseball questions from the assembled media.

As reported by Kevin Sherrington of the Dallas Morning News, His Honor was asked a good one related to him growing up in New Jersey and being a Philadelphia Phillies fan:

Ever worn a Phillies jersey under your robe?

“On the advice of my attorney,” he said, smiling, turning to Baylor president Ken Starr on his left, “I’m going to take the Fifth on that.”

First of all, nice name drop with Ken Starr. In case you had forgotten, Starr was the third wheel in the President Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky love triangle.

Second of all, whenever someone invokes the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution — the right to not self-incriminate — it means THEY DID IT. Justice Alito totally wore a Phillies jersey under his robe, and probably while sitting on cases during the Phillies 2008 World Series season.

Alito also expressed his opinions on other baseball matters:

• He DVRs "nearly" every Phillies game and keeps up on the Fightins via MLB Network.

• He complained about another time he threw out a first pitch, in Philly, and the Phanatic mascot caught it without using a glove: "[That] was slightly insulting to the speed of it.”

• In the TV interview seen above, Alito said that throwing out the first pitch was "nerve-racking" and even harder than his day job. Well, anyone who has seen his opinions on "Citizens United" would agree ... oh-ho-ho, I kid! I totally kid. Cheap shot, sorry Judge. That was to just stoke the comments.

• He also said he likes the "character" and modern amenities of Rangers Ballpark (which probably is one of the more underrated stadiums).

Anyway, it's good to see some of the justices are into baseball; Sonia Sotomayor isn't the only one. Two out of seven, at least. That's a .286 average!

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