Stryker Trahan scores a win for catchers everywhere after laying out opposing runner

Kevin Kaduk
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It's going to be a few years before Stryker Trahan is officially ready for the big leagues.

But once the 18-year-old high school catcher out of Louisiana is called up, it's easy to imagine a scenario in which the Arizona Diamondbacks will hold an incredible advantage once an opposing runner rounds third. After all, would you do anything but slow down and start waving a white flag if there was any chance that Trahan could lay the same hit on you that he did this poor Seattle Mariners prospect?

Feel free to hold your answer until after watching this clip from a recent rookie game:

My teeth hurt just from seeing that.

Still a teenager, Trahan (somehow pronounced "Traw-haw") isn't exactly the definition of "huge" just yet. But he does know how to throw his weight around. He was a tight end and quarterback for Acadiana (La.) High School's state title football team before being selected by the D-Backs with the 26th pick in last month's MLB amateur draft.

If Mariners infielding prospect Joseph DeCarlo didn't know that part of Trahan's bio before the collision, he certainly did after picking his body off the ground. Here's a description of the play and its aftermath from an excellent Trahan profile that was written by Tariq Lee of the Arizona Republic:

DeCarlo, 5 feet 10 and 205 pounds crashed into Trahan, 6-1 and 215, as he collected the throw five feet in front of home plate, compelling the small contingent at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale to let out a collective "Oooh!"

One of Trahan's teammates shouted, "That's what happens when you hit a brick wall!"

Trahan absorbed the blow, held on to the ball and managed to keep his balance. Walking toward the dugout proved to be a little tougher as he fell to his knees before gathering himself.

DeCarlo went down immediately, and it appeared smelling salts were used to get him to his feet. He was taken off the field and did not return.

"Sent a little shock down my spine, that was about it," Trahan said the day after the collision.

A victory for all the blindsided catchers out there? Definitely. There's little doubt Trahan is going to earn a lot of instant cred among the big-league members of the catching fraternity once they see this clip.

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