Stuck at work? Join Jeff Passan and the BLS crew for the eighth annual Opening Day Blogapaloozathon!

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

For almost a full decade now we have contributed proudly to the decay of the workplace, and we plan to continue that with aplomb for Monday's opening day slate. The chatting fun starts at 1 p.m. ET and runs as long as we have the energy to keep going.

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I am Jeff Passan, the annual Blogapaloozathon ringmaster, and please join the chat where I'll have an array of special guest stars including Big League stalwarts Dave Brown, Mike Oz, Mark Townsend and Kevin Kaduk.

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And, yes, here will be lots of Carl Balboaz. If you haven't heard of Carl, that's because he doesn't exist. Except at the Blogapaloozathon. Many years ago, I asked my wife who was going to win American League MVP. She said Carl Balboaz. She doesn't know why. The name just came to her. And that is the essence of the Blogapaloozathon: be funny, be wild, be spontaneous, be different — and just be here, where the goal is to lose tens of thousands of dollars in productivity across the American workforce, all in the name of the greatest unofficial holiday this country knows. Keep the comments funny and keep the comments coming.

Long live the Opening Day Blogapaloozathon!

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