Stop what you’re doing and marvel at’s gallery of goofs

Mike Oz

Here's your new favorite thing. And you can thank Major League Baseball's web team for it. It's a gallery of funny GIFs meant to entertain you when you've made a wrong turn on

I'll try to explain in the least nerd-blogger terms possible: When you go to an invalid webpage, you get what's called a "404 error," telling you nothing is there. added some humor to its 404 pages by putting up GIFs of players making hilarious errors or goofy gaffes.

There are at least eight different ones, ranging from Chone Figgins losing a ball to the classic homer bouncing off Jose Canseco's head. Just click here to check 'em out and reload the page to see a new one.

Is this an important baseball development? Not at all. Is it a reason to sit in front of your computer and hit refresh a bunch of times and chuckle to yourself? Most definitely.

Bravo,, bravo.

BLS H/N: Reddit

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