That stinks! Skunk walks through outfield, interrupts minor league game

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

A Double-A game between the Jackson Generals and Huntsville Stars was interrupted when an unwelcomed guest barged through the outfield — a skunk.

Luckily for players and fans, the potentially stinky situation ended quite tamely, with the skunk disappearing under the outfield fence. I was hoping, to entertain us all, that a brave player would try to go scoop it up.

Like that time a squirrel dashed onto the field in a college game and a baserunner grabbed it with his helmet. Alas, all the players were too smart to even go near the skunk. Can't blame them.

The oddest part of this video, actually, is how long the announcers blab on about skunks. My favorite moment is when the play-by-play guy determines he saw that skunk near a trash pile a few days before. I was waiting for him to describe a meaningful conversation the two had about baseball.

Maybe the skunk was trying to figure out whether Generals centerfielder was Danny Almonte, disgraced Little League World Series stud. "Oh, it's Denny Almonte, you say? Nevermind, I'm taking off under this fence. Skunk out!"

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