Still on the market — Barry Bonds reduces price of his Beverly Hills mansion by $1.5 million

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Apparently Barry Bonds' $25 million Beverly Hills mansion hasn't been dazzling potential buyers since it went on the market last January. Now the ex-MLB slugger has reduced the price by $1.5 million.

Poor Barry. Can't get into the Hall of Fame on his first try, can't sell his house. It is a nice crib too — 17,100-square-foot of nice, in fact. Here's how describes it:

Bonds’ enormous mansion is one of his finest home runs, which is saying something considering he hit 762 bombs over the course of his career. Beyond its sheer size — Bonds expanded the compound-estate by 5,500 square feet after buying it — the Hall of Fame property is flush in the finer things of life.

Looking right at home on its 1.85 acres, the seven-bedroom, 13-bathroom manse comes complete with “smart home” technology, allowing a person to control a number of functions from the touch of an iPad or iPhone (probably Android devices, too).

Venetian plaster and custom moldings are abundant, and vaulted ceilings give parts of the home a cathedral-like feel. Limestone and Italian travertine flooring throughout ensure your feet touch only the finest materials. “Old World Tuscan charm with elegant modernity” is how the listing describes it.

Bonds bought the mansion for $8.7 million in 2002, so he's not exactly going under by lowering his asking price.

Here's a possibly interesting tidbit: Bonds' real estate agent is Mauricio Umansky, who is married to one of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" from Bravo and has nothing at all to do with Tom Emanski, as much as we hoped they were kin. Umansky is embattled in some sort of cheating scandal, so he and Barry have great conversation fodder while the offers aren't coming in.

Well, Barry, if the Real Housewives dude doesn't work out, there's always the guys from "Million Dollar Listing." (Yes, my wife watches a lot of Bravo).

Oh, and if you, good reader, are interested in more million-dollar sports star homes, check out's year-end list and do some ogling.

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