The Stew’s winter meetings tracker: Wednesday

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Welcome back! Baseball's winter meetings continue down in Nashville today and hopefully there will be a bit more action than there was on Monday and Tuesday. You're going to want to follow it all when it does go down, so use this handy-dandy tracker to keep tabs on the action as the third day at the Opryland Hotel unfolds ...


The box above will contain update tweets from some of the industry's top reporters, as well as some Big League Stew-branded observations. We won't be chatting around the clock per se, but we'll jump in from time to time to mix it up and keep things lively. (The newsflash box inside the tracker will let you know when the next live chat session is coming up.)

Also, if you'd like to directly follow our guys on the ground in Tennessee, you can find them at@TBrownYahoo@jeffpassan@answerdave and @bigleaguestew.

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