Here’s how Stephen Strasburg spends the great amount of free time he has these days

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Well, this is just depressing. While his on-the-brink Washington Nationals are facing pitching troubles in the NLDS, the only way shutdown ace Stephen Strasburg can get any press for his actual play this October is to grant an interview about his deep love for the Call of Duty video game franchise. Watch here as Mike Snider of USA Today plays COD — or at least pretends to — with the furloughed 24-year-old right-hander.

Strasburg actually comes off as that guy from your freshman year dorm  who was too distracted with his Xbox to give you a straight answer on whether his older brother was going to be able to buy you beer later. Which is probably just as well, since Nats GM Mike Rizzo wouldn't want Strasburg to hear all these opposing GMs hating on the team for taking the ball out of the pitcher's hands and replacing it with a video game controller.

Plus, here's guessing Rizzo prefers Strasburg take out his frustrations on the virtual battlefield, rather than in front of the national media.

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