Statue honoring Cory Lidle destroyed by vandals

According to authorities in West Covina, CA, a statue honoring Cory Lidle, the former major league pitcher who died tragically when his small aircraft crashed into a Manhattan skyscraper in 2006, was toppled and destroyed last week by vandals looking to steal the bronze and copper materials it’s made from.

The 8-foot-tall memorial is valued around $100,000. It’s located outside Big League Dream Park in West Covina, where a Little League field is also dedicated to Lidle's memory. At one time, he was a well-respected and admired member of their community.

It’s reported the vandals drilled holes in the monument to knock it to the ground, but were unable to steal the statue itself. Instead, they made off with three bronze plaques valued around $7,000 while leaving behind thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“The vandalism to the Cory Lidle statue is a deplorable act by some despicable human beings,” said West Covina City Mayor Steve Herfert. “To damage a statue memorializing the life of Cory Lidle is very personal to all of our residents. Cory’s life represents the hopes and dreams of every baseball player and kind person in our City.”

An investigation is underway but police say there are no suspects at this time. It's believed the theft took place between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. on Friday.

Here’s hoping some justice will be served in this case eventually and the statue representing Lidle’s legacy can be restored. It’s obviously an important and uplifting symbol for the City of West Covina, especially for those youth baseball and softball players who call Big League Dream Park home.

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