Start of Mets game delayed, set to begin concurrently with Crew

Don't let Shea Stadium be torn down!

Don't let Oliver Perez start this game!

Either it's a sign from God or it's just a regular meteoroloical occurrence, but the start of the Marlins-Mets game has been delayed by rain. Tune into SNY right now and Darryl Strawberry is busy telling Shea Stadium stories with Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez.

The game's targted start time has now been set at 2 p.m. ET, meaning they'll now be playing neck-and-neck with the Brewers and Cubs. I could come up with some theory about who can take advantage of the games now advancing at roughly the same rate — instead of the Mets being an hour ahead — but it probably means no more than this Yankees-Red Sox doubleheader. In fact didn't that old saying — Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out — originate from a pennant race?

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