All-Star tickets? $250, All-Star cap? $40, Missing three innings for a burger? Priceless

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

NEW YORK — Let's get this out of the way: The burgers and shakes from Shake Shack are good. Like, really good. They're also life-changing, capable of brokering world peace and whatever seemingly silly superlative people you want to throw at them.

Put it this way: I thought the west coast's In-N-Out was the end all, be all of fast food hamburgers. Then I visited a Shake Shack. Everything I once knew was no longer.

That being said, would I spend hundreds of dollars to attend an All-Star game then stand in line at Citi Field to wait 2o or 30 minute for one, even though it has been the park's most lauded feature since it opened?

Well, no.

Especially when there are nine other locations in the immediate area and Clayton Kershaw is preparing to face American League batters in the top of the third inning on Tuesday night.

Then again, sometimes you just get hungry and the observations of passerby that this doesn't qualify as a "bad line" ... well, they actually rang a bit true. Citi Field regulars will tell you the line can be twice this size when the Mets are getting blown out. Upon final review and feeling the sense my mouth was starting to water, I might've joined the line myself were it not for an overwhelming sense of duty to breathlessly report back to you dear readers on this here burger, err, baseball blog.

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