All-Star Game voting is open — here are five guys not worthy of your vote

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

We're three weeks into the baseball season and people are still screaming "small sample size!" or "it's only April!" when they hear an interesting stat. So it seems kind of odd to vote for the All-Star Game already, but you can do just that.

Major League Baseball announced on Wednesday its plans for this year's All-Star Game festivities — happening July 12-16 in New York City — including FanFest, a parade down New York City’s 42nd Street and All-Star Sunday.

As for voting: Online ballots are posted now, sponsored by, which makes us chuckle. If you're old-school and like to fill out your all-star picks at the ballpark, there will be 25 balloting days at each stadium, starting no later than May 7.

But since we're people of the Internet, let's talk about online ballots. You get 25 cracks at those, more if you have an account. Voting ends July 4. Any online vote about anything is sure to yield sketchy results. So here are five guys The Stew recommends not putting on your ballot — unless their fortunes change dramatically really quickly — lest you disappoint us and baseball fans everywhere.

1. Derek Jeter: He's on the ballot, but hasn't played this season. He won't play until after the All-Star break. Yet, he's popular enough that we could totally see him making a run in the online vote. Don't do it, Yankee fans, don't you do it.

2. Giancarlo Stanton: He'll probably get a lot of votes as one of the game's young stars, but if you haven't been paying attention to the numbers, consider these: Zero home runs, three RBIs, .255 slugging percentage and only 11 hits. He also leads all outfielders with four errors.

3. Adam Dunn: He's hitting .100, with seven hits in 70 at-bats. While three of them are homers, even that doesn't make up for Dunn's futility. His WAR is -1.1, the lowest in baseball.

4. Brett Wallace: He's already in Triple-A. Not good enough to even be a big-league Houston Astro. Don't you dare click his name.

5. Jason Heyward: The potent Atlanta Braves outfield isn't really that potent, except for Justin Upton, who is crushing home runs. Brother B.J. Upton could very well have ended up on this list, but in fact, Heyward is playing worse: He's hitting .121/.261/.259 with only seven hits. He did have an emergency appendectomy on Monday, but don't give him a sympathy vote for that.

YOUR TURN: Who does NOT deserve an all-star vote so far this season?

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