Spring trash talk: Josh Hamilton says Dallas-Fort Worth not a ‘true baseball town’

Mike Oz
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The relationship between Josh Hamilton and Texas Rangers fans just went from a break-up to a full-scale beef. Hamilton, who won the 2010 MVP with the Rangers but left Texas to sign the Los Angeles Angels this offseason, had some harsh words for his former fanbase in a Sunday night interview.

He told Dallas television station KTVT that the Dallas-Fort Worth area is not a "true baseball town" and it would always be a "football town first." If you see smoke billowing from Texas today, it might be a pile of Hamilton jerseys being set on fire.

Hamilton's comments stem from getting booed by Rangers fans at the end of his Texas tenure — that includes when he struck out twice and went 0-for-4 in the American League wild-card game in 2012, his last game with the Rangers.

Does Hamilton have a point? Probably. Especially when the football team in question is the Dallas Cowboys, who, let's face it, would trump almost any baseball team.

Let's not discount the brooding rivalries in the AL West, either. Hamilton is the guy who left one powerhouse to join another emerging and competing powerhouse. He's already going to be viewed as a traitor by many Rangers fans for going to a division rival.

We'll hear much more about Hamilton/Angels vs. Rangers this season -- and probably after, considering that five-year, $125 million contract Hamilton signed. The Rangers start their home season with the Angels in town April 5. Per his Sunday interview, Hamilton is ready for the reaction he's sure to get. Especially after this.

“The people who get it will cheer,” he said. “The people who don’t will boo.”

Just a hunch here, but he's going to hear A LOT more boos.

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