Spring training is here! See the reporting dates for all 30 major league teams

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

If you woke up today feeling a little better about life, a little more optimistic about the next few months, it's because spring training is here. You've made it through the saddest time of the year for baseball fans, and now you'll be welcomed with chalk lines, the snap of a fastball in a mitt and the crack of a bat. Go ahead, breathe it all in.

Via Spring Training Online, here are the pitcher-and-catcher reporting dates for each major league team (starting Sunday and continuing through the week). Their first full squad workout date follows in parentheses.

Sunday, Feb. 10
Boston Red Sox (Feb. 15), Chicago Cubs (17), Cleveland Indians (15), Colorado Rockies (17).

Monday, Feb. 11
Arizona Diamondbacks (Feb. 15), Atlanta Braves (15), Cincinnati Reds (16), Detroit Tigers (15), Houston Astros (16), Kansas City Royals (15), Miami Marlins (15), New York Mets (17), Oakland Athletics (17), Pittsburgh Pirates (15).

Tuesday, Feb. 12
Baltimore Orioles (Feb. 16), Chicago White Sox (18), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (16), Los Angeles Dodgers (16), Milwaukee Brewers (16), Minnesota Twins (16), New York Yankees (18), St. Louis Cardinals (16), San Diego Padres (16), San Francisco Giants (16), Seattle Mariners (16), Tampa Bay Rays (17), Texas Rangers (16), Toronto Blue Jays (17), Washington Nationals (16).

Wednesday, Feb. 13
Philadelphia Phillies (Feb. 17).

Spring training is upon on.
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