Spring Swing: Fans should get to know Marlins while they can

David Brown
Big League Stew

JUPITER, Fla. — The Florida Marlins often are a hard to team to read. One moment they're winning the World Series, the next they're selling off their used equipment to cover operating costs.

This season's Fish are the same way. Look no further than their best player.

Hanley Ramirez reportedly came to camp weighing 240 pounds, but it's always tough to tell his shape because of his baggy uniform. Ramirez has said he wants to drop 15 before opening day, but the question still stands:

Will we be able to tell? And how much does it matter, anyhow?

Well, it might matter some for a shortstop who should want to maximize his range coming off a weak defensive season. But the Marlins have their own way of doing things. {YSP:MORE}

Take this palm tree on the concourse at Roger Dean Stadium, where the Fish train. Lovely, but also portable. Like the team.

Marlins have two championships, but fans couldn't get used to having around the likes of Kevin Brown, Livan Hernandez, Josh Beckett or Miguel Cabrera.

A new stadium is coming and it's supposed to alleviate future purges — at least that's what fans have been told — but how attached should they get to Hanley, Josh Johnson or Logan Morrison? With this team's history, they should be ready for the players to move at a moment's notice. Retractable dome or not.

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