Spring headlines: Yanks watch amazing motivational speaker, Moyer solid in debut

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Baseball is back! Here at Big League Stew, we'll take a quick dash around the league each morning in an attempt to keep you updated on all the springtime storylines.

• The Yankees watched a motivational speaker named Donnie Moore do a number of unbelievable things on Wednesday. He tore a phone book in half, rolled a frying pan like a newspaper and crushed a full soda can in his hands. (The video above shows him breaking a bat over his knee before an amazed congregation.)

In related news, the odds that any Bomber goes on the disabled list today with an injury after trying any of the above feats just jumped to 3/5.• What a weird result in Scottsdale on Wednesday. Tim Lincecum gets tagged for five runs by the Rockies while Jamie Moyer pitches two scoreless innings in his first appearance in 18 months.

• Marlins team president David Samson says he was misrepresented and misquoted during his latest controversy. So did he actually say that Miami residents aren't a regular bunch of Norman Einsteins? You can listen for yourself here.

(Regardless of the disagreement between what Samson said and what other people heard, it seems safe to say Samson has quite the public perception problem. If everyone's first thought about hearing such a quote is "that has to be true," you haven't been conducting your business around town in the best manner.)

• If there's one rule I've tried to keep in mind over the five seasons of running the Stew, it's that there are actual human beings behind the mountain of soulless statistics we endlessly dissect. SNY.tv's Ted Berg thinks the same way in this excellent piece that expresses so much of what I feel.

• Rangers fan Jamey Newberg with everything you possibly needed to know about two innings of a spring training start.

• Derrek Lee has not officially retired. But given the lack of options for an aging first baseman, he might soon be joining Jermaine Dye on the list of players who had their minds made up for them.

• Forget sleeping pills. Try Robin Ventura's new ad campaign instead.

• Finally, this has nothing to do with baseball, but everything to do with Sam Mellinger talking Gates barbecue in Kansas City. Bon appetit.

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