Spring headlines: Nolan Ryan’s role with Rangers still being discussed, David Ortiz sidelined

Mike Oz
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With reports swirling that he has one foot out the door, Texas Rangers CEO/Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan issued a statement Sunday about his status with the club.

In short: Nothing has been resolved, but the two sides are talking about his role.

Talk of a power shift at the top of the Rangers started last week, after general manager Jon Daniels was promoted to president of baseball operations and COO Rick George to president of business operations. Respectively, they have authority over all baseball and business decisions. And Ryan? Well, baseball's all-time strikeout leader is reportedly the odd man out, a figurehead CEO with no power.

Here's what Ryan said on Sunday, per MLB.com:

"Over the last week, [owners] Ray Davis, Bob Simpson and I have been in discussion and met in person. The conversations have been productive, and we have discussed my role as CEO of the organization. We agreed these discussions will continue as we go forward. I am very proud of what the Rangers have accomplished over the last several years, and I believe our preparations for the upcoming season are what is important."

This one, folks, is far from over.

Ortiz likely to start season on disabled list: The Boston Red Sox said Sunday that they're shutting down David Ortiz for 5-7 days and he probably won't be ready for opening day.

Inflammation in both heels is the latest trouble for Ortiz, who had an Achilles’ injury last season. Red Sox manager John Farrell didn't say Ortiz being out for opening day was a sure thing. But time isn't on their side.

Here's more from the Boston Globe:

“I mean, we’re three weeks away,” Farrell said. “He’s going to need at-bats. We’re not forgoing Opening Day right now. But we’re starting to get into an area where we’ve . . . depending on how many days we need to shut him down, that’s going to have a direct bearing on where we are come Opening Day.”

The inflammation, according to Farrell, is more in Ortiz’s left heel, the opposite side of where last season’s Achilles’ injury was, than in the right heel, in which Ortiz had some soreness a couple of years ago. Ortiz injured the Achilles’ July 16 while rounding second base on an Adrian Gonzalez home run. He was out until Aug. 24, when he reinjured it running the bases.

A's pitcher Brett Anderson injured, leaves game in first inning: Brett Anderson — who's had an injury-burdened past year and a half but is scheduled to be Oakland's opening day starter — left Sunday's spring start after only eight pitches.

Anderson suffered a strained right trapezius muscle when he collided with Adam Eaton of the Arizona Diamondbacks while covering third base. More from The Mercury News:

"I feel all right," said Anderson, who said the stimulus treatment he was receiving considerably relieved the pain after about 20 minutes. "It was a kind of freak play at third that you don't really expect to happen, but it's part of the deal sometimes. I don't think it's anything major — it's a neck strain/spasm, if you will. They didn't really give me a timetable or what my process is, but it's nothing to be too concerned about."

For a guy who's already been through Tommy John surgery, this didn't seem to bother Anderson too much. He was joking about it on Twitter by Sunday night.

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