Spring headlines: Derek Jeter runs on treadmill; Pirates seek new logo

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In addition to running on a treadmill Monday for the first time since ankle surgery, Derek Jeter took about 80 grounders at shortstop during a workout at the New York Yankees training facility in Tampa. By design, Jeter didn't move much laterally and he made no throws across the diamond. Bryan Hoch of MLB.com has more details on Jeter, who still projects to be in New York's opening-day lineup:

"I feel fine," Jeter said. "I was able to do everything else, I just had to be careful with my ankle. Now, I've gotten the green light with that. I've gotten all the green lights I need."

Outfielder Curtis Granderson, who also worked out at the Minor League complex on Monday, said that he nearly forgot about Jeter's season-ending injury when he spotted the shortstop jogging on the treadmill.

"He looked good," Granderson said. "It was weird, he was on there and I just came up; we were talking and I didn't think about that because he wasn't hobbling around or wincing in pain. To me, it looked like he was just warming up."

Jeter already was on the golf course in January. Once we see him curling, we'll know he's ready for opening day.

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Pirates ask fans for help with logo: The Pittsburgh Pirates are keeping their iconic gold (or black) "P" but are asking fans to help them design a new logo, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports. The Ain't-So-Jolly Roger guy, which they've used since 1997, apparently won't cut it anymore:

Four focus groups — season ticket holders, corporate partners, suite holders and random fans — are meeting at PNC Park this week to help pick a new buccaneer symbol.

[... F]ans are being shown prior logos and asked to offer their ideas. A sketch artist will apply them on paper, on the spot.

A sketch artist, eh? There's a joke in here somewhere the Pirates also missing a winning season since 1992. (I think that's the joke.) I liked the logo used during the Jim Leyland era which, sort of, looked like Jim Leyland. Bring that back.

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Russell on the muscle: For Russell Martin, the Bucs had the bucks the Yankees didn't — and it's darned curious. Martin signed a two-year deal for $17 million with the Pirates earlier in the offseason but he's still confused as to why the Yankees never made an offer to keep him, the New York Post reports.

“If they had offered me a contract ... if they had matched ... you know,’’ Martin told The Post in a voice that trailed off. “I was confused a little bit. On a baseball standpoint, if I put myself in the shoes of somebody who makes the decisions to build the team, I would never overlook catching. We will see what happens. It might mean they have confidence in [Chris] Stewart and [Francisco] Cervelli and there is nothing wrong with that.’’

Soria back on mound: For the first time since having Tommy John surgery, right-hander Joakim Soria has thrown from a pitcher's mound. Covering the Texas Rangers, reporter Richard Durrett of ESPN says Soria "made 15 pitches on Monday off a mound in Surprise and felt fine." The plan is for Soria is to throw every other day for the next 15 days. Soria signed a two-year, $8 million deal with Texas in the offseason. He used to be the closer for Kansas City before elbow problems began in 2011. He had surgery in April 2012.

Duffy to do likewise: On that note, left-hander Danny Duffy of the Royals is slated to throw from a mound Tuesday, the Kansas City Star reports. It would be the first time for him since having Tommy John surgery.

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The Bourn luxury: Major League Baseball Trade Rumors has a roundup of reaction from the Michael Bourn free-agent signing in Cleveland. Most notably for incumbent outfielders Michael Brantley and Drew Stubbs, there's conflicting opinions on whether either will be traded. Nick Swisher, the right fielder, obviously ain't leaving.

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