Spring Breaks: Oakland Athletics’ Coco Crisp chats about playing cards, movies and nights out

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Note: Spring Breaks is a Big League Stew series that talks to players about their lives off the field during spring training. Today: Coco Crisp of the Oakland Athletics, an energetic and smiling face on one of baseball's more charismatic clubs. Crisp is a gamer, and not just on the baseball field. He was teaching Rickey Henderson how to play cribbage in the clubhouse one recent morning.

Mike Oz: What's your favorite pastime at spring training besides baseball?
Coco Crisp: Netflix.

MO: What's the best movie you've seen recently?
CC: I like "Here Comes to the Boom," recently. It was funny. It was a little inspiration, sad, emotional, I guess. It was a good movie.

MO:What's your favorite restaurant you've discovered here in Arizona?
CC: I like Culinary Dropout — its uniqueness of food, the atmosphere is nice.

MO:Who in the locker room has the best taste in music?
CC: Umm, I think Redd [Josh Reddick] is pretty versatile. He can go country and he can go hip-hop. I'd say him just because he has a broad spectrum.

MO:What's your favorite thing in music that you're listening to right now?
CC: I like to listen to old-school music when I'm by myself, but I like hip-hop and R & B too.

MO:Who in the locker room knows the most about where people should go and what they should do? Who's the "visitors bureau?"
CC: Probably me. Probably so.

MO:If you have a free night and you're not tired and you want to go out, what's your night out during spring training?
CC: We have off days on Wednesday, so we'll go grab something to eat with the guys, get a couple drinks. After that, you just go back home and relax.

MO: I saw you playing cards for hours today. What games are you guys playing these days?
CC: We mix in everything. Cribbage. Backgammon is a new game that Jed Lowrie brought in here. I've played it before, but it's been a while.


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