Spring Breaks: Mat Latos chats about ‘Big Bang Theory,’ not going out and ‘fishgolf’

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Note: Spring Breaks is a Big League Stew series that talks to players about their lives off the field during spring training. Today: pitcher Mat Latos, a looming figure — he's 6-foot-6 — in the Cincinnati Reds clubhouse. The tattoo of Stewie and Brian from "Family Guy" on his leg made us think he'd be perfect for this.

Mike Oz: What is your favorite spring pastime at spring training besides baseball?
Mat Latos: Golf … well, hmm, that's a toss-up actually. It's got to be a toss-up between golf and fishing. We have a lot of time toward the later part of the day when the sun's starting to go down. It's not so hot and it's not so cold. We can go out and just sneak onto the golf courses and flip a couple baits and see if anything's biting. Last year, one of the guys on the team was staying at a house near a golf course, I'd just leave my rod at his house. We'd go golfing. I'd golf the front nine, bring the fishing pole and fish on the back nine.

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MO: So it's golf and fishing in one?
ML: Yeah. Fishgolf.

MO: What's your favorite restaurant you've discovered here in Arizona?
ML: That's tough. We've eaten at Blu Sushi and Taps, those are a couple good places. You know, little hole-in-the-wall places that nobody really knows about, but they've got real good food and good places to hang out.

MO: What's your favorite movie or TV show that you've been watching this spring?
ML: "Big Bang Theory." I've watched seasons 1-5 all spring. I've caught up on that. That show is hilarious.

MO: Who in the clubhouse has the best taste in music?
ML: Definitely not the Latinos. [He smiles at Aroldis Chapman next to him]. I mean, everybody's different. My kind of music? It would be me. Everybody likes to listen to different stuff.

MO: If you have a night out, you have some free time, what do you do?
ML: I don't EVER go out. I'll be honest with you. I like my quiet time. I like my space. But if I do go out and it's at night, it's usually just out to dinner, then immediately take it home and get back in my own personal space again.

MO: Who's the guy in the clubhouse who knows everything? Who can tell you where to go eat, who is the travel agent?
ML: Todd Frazier, only because he never shuts his mouth.

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