Spring Breaks: Lorenzo Cain chats about video games, his favorite rappers and Chick-fil-A

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Note: Spring Breaks is a Big League Stew series that talks to players about their lives off the field during spring training. Today: Lorenzo Cain, the Kansas City Royals centerfielder and one of the guys that a young Royals team is looking to for a break-through season.

Mike Oz: What's your favorite pastime in spring training away from baseball?
Lorenzo Cain: I'm a movie type of guy. I'm a laid back, in-the-house type of guy. Movies. Just relaxing. Playing video games.

MO: What video games are you playing?
LC: "Call of Duty." I'm a big "Call of Duty" guy. "Madden." Those are the two games I mostly play.

MO: What's your favorite music you've been listening to this spring?
LC: I'm a Drake fan. I'm a Lil' Wayne fan. Also Future, he's another one of my favorites.

MO: What's your favorite place to eat you've discovered out here in Arizona?
LC: I'm a simple guy. I can go to Chick-fil-A and be happy.

MO: It came out the other day that Chipotle gave Bryce Harper a card for free burritos for a year. What place would you want to give you a free-food card?
LC: Either Chick-fil-A or Jimmy John's. I'm a big Jimmy John's guy. I like Jimmy John's a lot.

MO: Who's the guy in the locker room who knows everything about where to go and what to do? He'll tell people which movies to go see, and which restaurants to go to?
LC: It's a few guys, actually. We got Bruce Chen, he's probably the guy for going out and doing a variety of things.

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