Spring Breaks: Derek Holland talks milkshakes, ‘Workaholics,’ video games and hockey

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Note: Spring Breaks is a Big League Stew series that talks to players about their lives off the field during spring training. Today: Derek Holland, the Texas Rangers pitcher who loves hockey and spent part of this spring playing Team USA in the World Baseball Classic.

Mike Oz: What's your favorite pastime besides baseball in spring training?
Derek Holland: I love hockey. I love to watch hockey. I'm a big [Dallas] Stars fan, big [Columbus] Blue Jackets fan. I'm from Columbus, so I have to represent my Blue Jackets. But at the same time, I've been really close with a lot of Stars, and watching them and going to a lot of their games. Golf is up there, but I'm not very good at it. I know how to drive, that's about it.

MO: What is your favorite place to eat around here during the spring?
DH: Around here? Gotta go with Red Robin. Those shakes are amazing. They definitely know how to keep the customers in there with those delicious shakes.

MO: Are you lobbying for ...?
DH: I hope I get an advertisement deal with them now. Just because of the fact that I mentioned how great their shakes were.

MO: What's your favorite TV show you've been watching this spring?
DH: "Workaholics" and "Family Guy." That's my favorite show anyway, "Family Guy." "Workaholics" I've been watching a lot. My friends got me hooked on it. I know I can't really say it, but the whole "poop dollar" thing cracks me up. It's a good show.

MO: What's your favorite music out right now?
DH: Lil' Wayne and Linkin Park. I listen to those before I pitch. I'm getting back into my rhythm, so that's I've been listening to.

MO: Is there a guy in the locker room who knows everything about where to do and what to do — a person who is like the tour guide or Arizona?
DH: Just to be funny, we'll say Yu Darvish. Yeah, Yu Darvish knows his way around, points everything out to us.

MO: If you have a night off, what do you do?
DH: I try to catch a hockey game. I go watch the [Phoenix] Coyotes if I get a chance to. But I'm pretty low-key. I don't do too much. I just relax. Probably play Xbox. Usually you're pretty exhausted.

MO: What games are you playing?
DH: Hockey games. I started playing "Call of Duty" a little bit. But I'm not very good. I'm terrible. I usually have fun because I'm that guy who's in there talking, acting like I'm good and then obviously they see how bad I am and they're like, "Oh, who's this guy?"

MO: Do people know who you are?
DH: I've played with quite a few people and they didn't. I actually had my first. It was a random hockey match, and this guy found out who I was. He was really cool about it. He didn't do anything crazy. Just played the game with me. He thought it was cool that I was playing.

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