Sports channel mistakenly airs X-rated version of Cubs mascot

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For nearly 10 seconds Tuesday night, CSN Mid-Atlantic mistakenly aired an X-rated cartoon version of the Chicago Cubs new mascot, Clark the bear. The Cubs announced the creation of Clark the day before and have gotten, seemingly, a mixed reaction. The biggest complaint/point of contention: He doesn't wear pants. OK, noted.

Of course, the irreverent troublemakers over at Deadspin ripped Clark — albeit with tongue in cheek — calling him "A nightmarish, perverted furry." If that wasn't enough, they called for a contest and asked readers to submit their most cynical altered renderings of Clark. Most were not safe for work. One of them, featuring male genitalia, got into the CSN Mid-Atlantic graphics machine and made it onto the air during "Sports Talk Live."

This is the not-safe-for-work-under-any-circumstances link to the Deadspin post with video.

The funniest/worst part was the description of Clark, provided by the Cubs, read by CSN Mid-Atlantic co-host Nicole Darin, as viewers in the Washington, D.C.-area were shown Clark's family jewels:

"He's described as a young, friendly Cub who can't wait to interact with the kids..."

Oy. It was about this moment that co-host Brian Mitchell (he used to play NFL football) let loose with an embarrassed:

"Oh, my goodness."

Darin, trying to regain control after noticing the bear had a little something extra, played it straight:

"Uh ... I think that is a gag photo. If we could switch to the next one."

A few seconds that felt like minutes later, the next image mercifully appeared — video of the terrifying mascot of the New Orleans Pelicans. At least there was no penis and testicles.

Darin and Mitchell made the mistake of returning the conversation to Clark, with Mitchell puzzled by why cartoon bears such as Yogi and Boo-Boo also didn't wear pants. It's not a bad question, generally. Perhaps the Cubs will use this as a teaching moment and get Clark some sweatpants by opening day.

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