Spelling-challenged Giants fans tell team to 'Baet L.A.,' as S.F. beats Dodgers again

Los Angeles, like New York, is a big target in the sports world. Even when the pro sports teams of those cities aren't particularly good (we see you, New York Mets, and you too, Los Angeles Lakers), there's still a certain satisfaction that comes from your team beating them. Thus, the popularity of the "Beat L.A." sign.

If you're a San Francisco Giants fan, the "Beat L.A." idea is even more important, because the Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers are bitter rivals, whose every meeting feels important, even if it's the 15th game of the season, in April. So, Giants fans show up to the stadium, full of gusto, ready to inspire their team to topple those big-spending boys in blue.

And just what did the Giants fans do Wednesday night? They spelled out "B-A-E-T L.A." 

Sigh. Warren G probably thought it was fine, though.

Baseball seems to have an ongoing problem with spell check. The Astros misspelled the name of hot-shot prospect George Springer in his big-league debut Wednesday. The Yankees misspelled Jacoby Ellsbury's name during his first home game. One Red Sox fan trying to make Ellsbury jokes couldn't do much better either.

In this case, the Giants fans can at least be happy that their sentiment — transposed letters and all — came to pass. The Giants beat the Dodgers 2-1 on Wednesday night, thanks to a seventh-inning, go-ahead single by Pablo Sandoval. It S.F.'s fourth win in five games against L.A. this season. The Giants have outscored the Dodgers 22-15, and padded their 10-5 record with the help of Don Mattingly's crew. Even though the Giants finished in third place last year and the Dodgers won the division, the Giants still bested them 11-8 head-to-head.

Wednesday's win also pushed the Giants past the Dodgers into first place in the NL West at this very early juncture of the season. The two teams meet again Thursday to finish off their three-game series.

Please, Giants fans, don't bring any signs that brag about being in "Frist Place."

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