Souvenir scrambles are reaching entertaining levels at Fenway Park

I don't know why this is happening, but souvenir scrambles at Fenway Park have been highly entertaining recently. That includes a pretty wild dual between two fans seated behind the Boston Red Sox bullpen on Tuesday night as they each desperately attempted to get their hands on Stephen Drew's ground rule double.

There's also a hilarious photo that has been floating around Twitter the past couple of days that captures the hopes, fears and concentration of several Red Sox fans as they brace themselves for an incoming foul ball.

You can view that here, courtesy of Reddit Baseball.

Both are great moments in the history of baseball fandom, but they actually pale in comparison to what we saw take place along the right line during Boston's 20-4 thumping of the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday night.

What makes it better? Well, there are about three different things you can point to.

1. There was actually no souvenir to be had because Red Sox right fielder Shane Victorino made a sensational leaping catch. They did, however, end up with a major player in their lap as Victorino ended up falling over the short wall and into the first row of seats, so that wasn't a bad consolation.

2. The female fan who attempted to take a photo of Victorino with her phone, but had it knocked out of her hands and on the field by the overzealous fan in the Red Sox jersey. She didn't get her photo, but Victorino handing her back her phone was captured on video.

3. The poor lady right behind her who also attempts to get a photo on her phone, but has her drink slapped into her face by the SAME overzealous fan.

This all really happened, and we're thankful for our friends over at the Yahoo Sports Minute for providing the video. Now go check out some of their other great work and follow them on Twitter @YSportsMinute. You won't be disappointed.

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